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Happy Holidays to You

Happy Holidays 2015

Happy Holidays from the Healy Team.

We will be closed December 24th and December 25th

as well as December 31st and January 1st.

We wish you a prosperous and Happy New Year!

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Healy Awards – How to Replace a Broken Record (Replacement Text)

Did one of your athletes recently break a record on your Record Board from Healy Awards?  If so, these easy to read instructions will guide you through the process of updating your Record Board with the new record.

Step 1: Remove existing record or year with provided razor blade pulling the vinyl from the PVC Board.

Step 2: Clean the area with alcohol to remove any dust or debris before applying new record.

Step 3: Measure with ruler and center new record in the area.  Use two pieces of masking tape on each side to hold in place and create placement guides.

Step 4: Apply a masking hing in the middle of the record.

Step 5: Cut the tape from the side of the record leaving a piece on the board to use as a guide.  Remove backing up to hinge exposing vinyl record.

Step 6: Use tape guidelines to align position of record.  Using firm pressure, squeegee (plastic credit card or provided razor blade) over first half of record on a 45 degree angle.

Step 7: Remove masking tape hinge in middle of the record and repeat step 6 for opposite side of record.

Step 8: Using firm pressure, squeegee over entire record on a 45 degree angle to secure record to the board.

Step 9: Slowly remove record mask at a 45 degree angle until record is fully visible.  Now present your new record!


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