How to Apply Football Helmet Decals

Before any decals can be applied, the surface area of the football helmet must be clean from dirt or dust. You can towel off the surface with water only and let dry.

  1. Decal should be positioned on helmet so the bottom of the decal design rests 2” from top of helmet ear hole.
  2. Press center of decal to helmet so only a small middle section is applied to helmet.
  3. Working from middle, out, press decal to helmet. Apply larger areas to helmet first then press smaller sections down. This will prevent buckling.
  4. When decal is applied to helmet, rub over entire decal with thumb to make sure it is completely pressed into place.
  5. If buckling occurs, gently lift up buckled area. Pull to straighten and reapply.

Visit us at to purchase your decals for the upcoming season.


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