How to Apply Multi-Color Football Helmet Stripes

Before any decals can be applied, the surface area of the football helmet must be clean from dirt or dust. You can towel off the surface with water only and let dry.

  1. Remove front face mask screws so Healy multi-tape can be placed underneath the sweat-band flap. 
  2. Remove only 1/2 of multi-tape backing and start application on front edge of helmet underneath sweat band flap. 
  3. Align multi-tape to middle seam of helmet and press tape down to front edge, then press center of tape down first, then apply the edges.
  4. When applying multi-tape, work in small sections, pressing tape down, from the middle working outwards, gradually working to the back of the helmet.
  5. When multi-tape is completely applied, there may be excess vinyl. Trim excess vinyl from back of helmet so the tape edge is flush with back edge of helmet. 
  6. If Healy multi-tape is off-center, gently lift and reapply, following the middle seam of helmet. Repeat above application steps. Finally, press entire stripe, with thumb, once again, to insure it is firmly into place. 
  7. Reposition sweat-band flap and tighten face mask screws.
  8. And your finished applying Healy multi-color football helmet stripes.

Visit us at to purchase your football helmet decals for the upcoming season.

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