Tips for Reviewing Healy Decal Artwork Proofs

Customers always ask for print samples of their custom decals when in fact the standard artwork proof that is given as part of the order process is just as effective.  Read the below tips for reviewing your artwork proofs effectively for your custom Healy Decals.

  1. Review the decal design.  Review the decal design generated by the Art Department to ensure that the decal design is exactly how you envisioned it. If you have any changes, no problem.  Email your Customer Service Rep and our Art Department will make your requested changes and email you back a revised artwork proof.
  2. Review the printed colors.  The printed colors will be displayed at the bottom of the artwork proof. The colors shown will be those that will be printed and your helmet color that will be shown as “Clear”. The “Clear” color will not be printed, as we will use your helmet color in the decal to save you money and get an exact match of your helmet color. Please note that slight variations in color between proofs and final product may occur. To request samples of available print colors, call our Customer Service Team at 800-558-1696.
  3. Review decal sizing.  The Art Department will size your decals to what they feel will be the best possible size for your helmets. However, since we do not have your helmets in front of us, we ask that you review the sizing that is shown in the proof. Additionally, we recommend that you print out the artwork itself to get an idea of the actual sizing. When doing so, please be sure that your print settings are set to print Actual Size. After you print out the artwork to actual size, we recommend cutting out the artwork and placing it on your helmets. The sizing, when printed correctly, will be the exact size that our production team will print your decals. If you have any changes to the size, no problem. Simply let your Customer Service Rep know and our Art Department will make the requested changes and email you back a revised artwork proof.
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