Healy Awards – How to Apply Half Helmet Football Helmet Decals

Did you recently order Half Helmet Football Decals from Healy Awards?  If so, these easy to read instructions will help when applying your team’s decals to your football helmets.

Step 1: Before peeling the decal off its back liner, cut around the outside of the entire decal (1/4″ around outside printed areas of shape – leaving a clear vinyl border of 1/4″ around the outside).

Step 2: Remove the excess clear vinyl from the inside and outside areas as you apply the decal.

Step 3: Remove a small portion of the back decal liner.

Step 4: Press down a small portion (non-printed area) of the decal to the helmet for position prior to applying.

Step 5: Apply decal from top to bottom removing the liner backing while pressing decal sections into place.  Apply sections a little at a time.

Step 6: Press down the printed decal sections to helmet several times.

Step 7: Cut out any overlapping vent areas or snaps with a razor blade.

Step 8: Repeat steps for opposite side of helmet.

Step 9: You have successfully applied your half helmet decals!

Half Helmet Instructions

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