Healy Awards – Our 2015 Catalog Is Here!

New Catalog 2015

Healy Awards – There’s Still Time to Order!

There’s still plenty of time to order your team’s football helmet decals for the 2014 season.  Give us a call today at 800-558-1696 to place your order.  Rush orders are available.

We are excited to continue our EXTENDED BUSINESS HOURS through the end of August to better serve your order needs:

Summer Hours:
Monday – Thursday 7:30am CST – 6:00pm CST
Friday 7:30am CST – 5:00pm CST

Give us a call to take advantage of our 25% off discount all year long on decal and decal accessories.  Now’s the time to create a new identity for the upcoming season, or re-order a past football decal design.

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Last Chance August 2014

Last Chance August 2014 - Window Stickers

Healy Awards – Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th of July…Enjoy the upcoming Holiday weekend! If you haven’t ordered your football decals yet for the 2014 season, call us today to take advantage of our 25% off decal discount.

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Healy Awards – Order your Awards & Decals Today!

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Healy Awards – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  Show your awareness and support and help shutout breast cancer.  Please call Customer Service at 800-558-1696 to place your order today.

Breast Cancer Flyer - 9.19.13

Healy Awards – Order your football helmet decals today. It’s not too late!

Football practice has started in many areas across the United States.  Are you ready for your season?  Order your team football decals today by calling us at 800-558-1696, visiting us online at www.healyawards.com or by emailing us at sales@healyawards.com.


Order Your Football Helmet Decals for the 2013 Season!




Order Your Football Helmet Decals for the 2013 Season!  Visit our website at www.healyawards.com, email us at sales@healyawards.com or call us at 800-558-1696.  Healy Awards is a top provider of football helmet decals to youth leagues, high schools, colleges and professional organizations across the nation.  We have the Nation’s toughest most durable football helmet decals.

2013 Last Chance Decal Flyer

Unbelievable Prices on Camp T-Shirts!

Unbelievable Prices on Camp T-Shirts!  Call our Customer Service Dept Today at 800-558-1696 to place your order.

June Camp Shirts

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Healy Awards New 2013 – 2014 Catalog

Introducing the 2013 -2014 Healy Awards Catalog. Visit the link below to view a digital copy of the catalog.


Healy Awards 2013 -2014 Catalog Cover

Harriman Blue Devils Football Helmet

Check out the new look for the Harriman Blue Devils and comments from Coach.  Good luck the rest of the way this season!

Attached is a pic of the final helmet with the horn logos that you created for us, I was thinking you guys did such a good custom job you could put it on your website if you wanted to. We have gotten nothing but major compliments for the logos, even from the other teams. I think others should see what you guys are able to create!

Thanks again for making us look good

Look foward to what we can come up with next season


update on our team: Harriman Blue Devils, Mighty Mites (4&5yrs) we are 3-0 out scored our teams 58-0 & actually played two good teams!”

There’s still time to order your decals for the 2012 season.

There’s still time to order your decals for the 2012 season. Rush orders accepted at no extra charge. Call us today at 800-558-1696, email us at sales@healyawards.com or visit our website to order online at www.healyawards.com.

Gear Up for the 2012 Season! Order your Football Helmet Decals Today!

There’s still time to order your decals for the 2012 season.  Rush orders accepted at no extra charge.  Call us today at 800-558-1696, email us at sales@healyawards.com or visit our website to order online at www.healyawards.com.


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August Business Hours

Healy Awards will be open until 6pm Monday – Thursday and until 5 pm on Fridays during the month of August.  Don’t forget to order your football helmet decals for the upcoming season!  Call us at 800-558-1696, email us at sales@healyawards.com, or order online at www.healyawards.com.

We offer the Nation’s Toughest Most Durable Football Helmet Decals!  Gear Up for Battle Today!


An Introduction to the World of Football Helmet Decals

Many people are not aware of the many different types of decals that can be applied to football helmets.  Below is an introduction to the most common items that are affixed to football helmets today.  All of the products below are offered by Healy Decals and are printed on our tough, thick 20 mil vinyl.  We provide the Nation’s Toughest Most Durable Football Helmet Decals to youth organization, high school and universities across the nation.  Order online today or call our Customer Service line at 800-558-1696 to place your order.

Side Helmet Decals:  Side helmet decals are used to represent your team’s mascot, team name or logo.  Side decals are sold in pairs and are applied to each side of the football helmet, providing a graphical representation of your team’s colors and logo.  
Stripes: Football helmet stripes are used to compliment the side helmet decals by creating a stunning visual effect to your team’s football helmets.  Football helmet stripes are available in a variety of styles including multi-color helmet stripes, bronco style helmet stripes, multi-point helmet stripes, panther style helmet stripes, revolution style helmet stripes, tapering style helmet stripes and bengal style helmet stripes.  Football helmet stripes help define a team’s look by adding that extra touch to your helmets.

Award Markers: Award markers, also known as reward decals and pride stickers, are decals that are affixed to a high school or college football player’s helmet.  They can denote either individual or team accomplishments.  The practice of awarding helmet stickers is often credited to Ernie Biggs, trainer at Ohio State University under legendary coach, Woody Hayes.  The stickers stem from fighter pilots marking their planes with stickers after kills and/or successful missions.  The use of award marker decals is illustrated in the USA Today article, “Helmet stickers reward college football players’ superior performance” and Wired.com article, “The Science Behind College Football Helmet Stickers“.

Name Strips: Name Strip decals can be placed on the front or back of football helmets and are great for covering up helmet names/styles with your own wording.  Add a little touch of team spirit with front or back name strips. Great for displaying your school name, mascot name or inspiring words.
Numbers: Number decals can be used to label equipment, helmets, lockers or anything that needs a number.  They can also be used to compliment a side helmet decal by placing each player’s number on the sides of their helmets.  Number decals can be purchased per individual die cut number or in numbering system sets.

Flags & RibbonsFlag decals are used to show your patriotism and support for our nation while out on the football field.  Football players can wear these proudly knowing that they are made 100% in the USA by Healy Decals.  Ribbon decals provide an opportunity for individuals and team’s to support a worthy cause and let those affected know that your team is playing for them with ribbon decals worn on all of your helmets.  Support ribbons can be worn for a variety of purposes all of which can be customized by Healy.  Click the following link for a list of awareness ribbons.

Memorial MarkersMemorial markers are used to pay respect to a fellow player, coach or classmate by applying a decal to each member of the football team’s helmets.  Memorial marker decals may include the initials, number or name of the person who is being remembered.

Find Us Online to Order the Nation’s Toughest Football Helmet Decals!


New Helmet Decal Design for Dunedin High School

Check out the newest football helmet decal and football helmet stripe design for the Dunedin High School Football Team.  The decals were featured in the Tampa Bay Times Newspaper.  Call us today to let one of our designers help you create a new identity for your team in 2012.

Find us online at:

How to Apply Multi-Color Football Helmet Stripes

Before any decals can be applied, the surface area of the football helmet must be clean from dirt or dust. You can towel off the surface with water only and let dry.

  1. Remove front face mask screws so Healy multi-tape can be placed underneath the sweat-band flap. 
  2. Remove only 1/2 of multi-tape backing and start application on front edge of helmet underneath sweat band flap. 
  3. Align multi-tape to middle seam of helmet and press tape down to front edge, then press center of tape down first, then apply the edges.
  4. When applying multi-tape, work in small sections, pressing tape down, from the middle working outwards, gradually working to the back of the helmet.
  5. When multi-tape is completely applied, there may be excess vinyl. Trim excess vinyl from back of helmet so the tape edge is flush with back edge of helmet. 
  6. If Healy multi-tape is off-center, gently lift and reapply, following the middle seam of helmet. Repeat above application steps. Finally, press entire stripe, with thumb, once again, to insure it is firmly into place. 
  7. Reposition sweat-band flap and tighten face mask screws.
  8. And your finished applying Healy multi-color football helmet stripes.

Visit us at www.healyawards.com to purchase your football helmet decals for the upcoming season.

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